Special Dots Melamine Resin Molding Powder

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HFM Melamine Resin Molding Compound: Taiwan Technology

  • Product Origin: China (Taiwan Technology)
  • Shipping Port: Xiamen
  • Color: Customized colors available
  • Lead Time: 10-20 days
  • Payment: LC / TT
  • Price: $1350/metric ton
  • Brand: HFM
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    Huafu Chemicals offers a range of melamine products, including pure melamine powder and granular forms, as well as custom-colored melamine powder tailored to meet customer requirements.

    For uniqueness, the dark melamine powder can be blended with the lighter-colored melamine molding powder. This combination produces a spray-dot effect in the final product, preventing monochrome and light-colored melamine tableware from appearing dull.


    Application of Sprayed Dots Melamine Molding Powder

    Huafu's sprayed melamine molding powder is specifically designed for the production of melamine bowls, plates, spoons, and trays, offering a versatile solution for these kitchenware items.


    2023 SGS

    What Makes Huafu Melamine Molding Powder Stand Out?

    Huafu Chemicals excels in catering to the needs of tableware manufacturers for several key reasons.

    1. Extensive expertise and knowledge derived from Taiwan technology and years of industry experience.

    2. Unparalleled color matching capabilities that set the benchmark in the melamine industry.

    3. Rigorous quality control system that ensures consistent development and improvement.

    4. Reliable packaging and efficient shipping methods for secure and timely delivery.

    5. Trustworthy pre-sales and post-sales support, guaranteeing customer satisfaction at all stages.

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