Food Grade Melamine Molding Compound for Children’s Dinnerware

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Huafu Chemicals: manufacturer of food grade melamine moulding compound

  • Product Origin: China
  • Shipping Port: Xiamen
  • Color: Customized
  • Lead Time: 10-20 days
  • Payment: LC / TT
  • Price: $1350/metric ton
  • Brand: HFM
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    Melamine, classified as a type of thermosetting plastic, differs from other plastics due to its unique composition.

    Beneficial attributes include non-toxic and flavorless properties, along with exceptional resistance to impacts and corrosion. Further, melamine exhibits remarkable tolerance to high temperatures (up to +120 degrees) as well as low temperatures.

    Adding to its appeal, melamine plastic offers ease of coloring, resulting in vibrant and visually stunning hues that possess a distinct sheen.


    Is melamine safe to use?

    People often express concern when they come across melamine, as it is made up of two components—melamine and formaldehyde—that are generally disliked.

    However, when these ingredients react, they form larger molecules that are generally considered non-toxic.

    Melamine tableware can withstand temperatures ranging from -30℃ to +120.

    Due to the unique molecular structure of melamine plastic, it is not recommended to use melamine tableware in microwave ovens, as long as the temperature is not excessively high.

    kids melamine dinnerware raw material

    How to wash melamine tableware?

    1. Boil the recently purchased melamine tableware for 5 minutes, followed by thorough cleaning.

    2. Prior to cleaning, remove any food particles from the surface and use a gentle brush or cloth for washing.

    3. Soak the tableware in a neutral detergent solution for approximately ten minutes to effortlessly remove oil and residue.

    4. Avoid using abrasive materials like steel wool or other harsh cleaning agents.

    5. Dishwashing is acceptable for cleaning, but ensure the tableware not subjected to microwave or oven heating.

    6. After drying and filtering the tableware, store it in a designated basket. 

    Huafu Chemicals Melamine Resin Moulding Compound SGS and Intertek Certificates

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