Bamboo Powder with Melamine Resin Molding Powder for Kids’ Dinnerware

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Melamine molding powder with bamboo powder is very popular raw material for kids’ dinnerware production.

  • Product Origin: China
  • Shipping Port: Xiamen
  • Color: Customized
  • Lead Time: 10-20 days
  • Payment: LC / TT
  • Price: $1350/metric ton
  • Brand: HFM
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    Melamine bamboo powder is a composite material primarily composed of melamine molding compound and bamboo powder.

    The molded parts created from melamine bamboo powder demonstrate exceptional resistance to various factors. They withstand abrasion, boiling water, detergents, as well as weak acids and weak alkalis. Additionally, they exhibit considerable resilience when exposed to acidic foods and their extracts.



    This formulation is highly suitable for the production of food-contact items, such as premium tableware for both home and commercial use.

    Melamine-molded products have obtained specific approvals for food service applications, ensuring their compliance with stringent standards.

    Furthermore, this versatile material finds its application in a wide range of items, including serving trays, buttons, ashtrays, writing devices, cutlery, and kitchen utensil handles. These various uses showcase the adaptability and versatility of melamine-based molds.

    melamine bamboo powder for dinnerware


    Q1: Are you a manufacturer?
    Yes, Huafu Chemicals is a factory specializing in the production of melamine molding compound (MMC) for tableware. Our annual production capacity for melamine moulding powder is approximately 12,000 tons.

    Q2: Can you create new colors?
    Certainly! We have the ability to develop new colors, and the process usually takes between 3 to 6 days.

    Q3: What is the percentage of bamboo powder in melamine bamboo powder?
    Typically, melamine bamboo powder consists of 70% melamine powder, 10% corn starch, and 20% bamboo powder.

    Q4: What are your payment terms?
    We accept T/T (Bank Transfer) and L/C (Letter of Credit). However, we are open to discussing alternative payment methods based on our customers' requirements.

    Q5: Which countries do you export to?
    Our exports reach customers globally, with a focus on Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, and other regions across the world.


    Huafu Chemicals Melamine Resin Moulding Compound SGS and Intertek Certificates

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    Melamine Moulding Powder Factory

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