The Melamine Market is Weak Due to Lack of Demand

As a manufacturer of melamine resin powder, Huafu Chemicals not only produces high-quality melamine tableware raw materials, but also shares the latest chemical industry information with you. What Huafu will share today is the latest melamine market trend.

As of February 16, the average price of melamine enterprises was 8266.67 yuan / ton (about 1198 US dollars / ton), down 0.80% from Monday's price.

 melamine market price

The melamine market was weak this Wednesday. Recently, the raw material urea market fell first and then rose. Cost support is average. Some devices on the supply side resumed production.

The operating rate of the melamine market has increased slightly, but the demand side has not followed up. The export market is general. The main reason is that the contradiction between supply and demand is prominent, and the center of gravity of the melamine market is weak.

Huafu Factory believes that the current price of raw material urea is rising, cost support is limited, the supply side is abundant, and the demand side is still weak. It is expected that the melamine market may be weak in the short term.

Post time: Feb-24-2023

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