Suggestions for Using Black Melamine Compound in Tableware Production

For tableware factories, the mission is to produce high-quality tableware for customers.  We know that the quality of raw material is  important to the production of melamine tableware. Today Huafu Melamine will share some useful melamine powder knowledge for you.

Black melamine compound is very common in the production of melamine tableware. It is widely used in the production of melamine chopsticks.

black melamine resin powder uses 

The black matte melamine chopsticks and the textured melamine chopsticks

In addition, black melamine resin compound is used to make melamine bowls, plates and other dishes. For example, hot pot tableware, sushi plates, barbecue plates etc.

 melamine powder used for tableware

Some tableware has a unique shape, and some has a special etching effect.

Suggestions for tableware factories

Due to the particularity of the black melamine compound, it is recommended to have a relatively independent operating space. If the same machine has powders of various colors cross-used, it must be cleaned up; otherwise it will easily affect the toughness of the finished product.

It is known to us that there are two kinds of black material in the melamine industry and other plastic industries. One is 100% pure black material, and the other is made of recycled materials. The quality of the products will be also totally different. 

If you need the raw material for high-quality black melamine products, welcome to order 100% pure black melamine powder from Huafu.

melamine black powder


Post time: Apr-23-2021

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