New Shipment of Stable Melamine Molding Powder from Huafu

A secure delivery was made on June 4, 2024, as Huaf Factory successfully shipped a shipment of black Melamine Molding Powder (MMP) to customers situated in Colombia, South America. Safely packaged, the MMP batch was meticulously arranged on pallets and wrapped in transparent plastic film. Once it reaches the destination country, the forklift will effortlessly transport it to the designated factory building.

 hfm black melamine moulding compound

Huafu MMC Factory uses top-quality pure black pigment in their black Melamine Molding Powder, making it ideal for producing food-grade melamine tableware. To ensure utmost color accuracy, the factory has consistently offered color chips for customers to verify their desired pigment shade, thereby eliminating any potential discrepancies caused by photos or images.

Should you require MMC or have any related needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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Mobile: 86-15905996312 (Ms. Shelly Chen)


Post time: Jun-06-2024

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